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viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Why are you here?

Three months ago a friend called me with a job offer. He worked in a school, and suddenly in the middle of the semester this little middle school was in the need of a Chemistry teacher. He knew I had zero experience but still he said he had a feeling I would be good at it, so I went to the interview.

During the interview the headmistress was not only surprised by my age but by the fact that I looked so young (common joke in the teacher's lounge is that I could pass as a student) It was the month of October and her first question was:

- When did you gradaute?
- May
- May? Like in last May? Like 5 months ago May?
- Yes
- And your teaching experience is..?
- Zero
- So why are you here?

Why was I there? That was a fair question, I was recently graduated, with zero experience and I was doing a master in organic chemistry that relied heavily on research. My background was way off. I only knew a few things. I knew I hated chemophobia, I hated the way news talk about science and I hate when someone says "ugh chemistry it's horrible" or "it's only for super smart people. 

So why was I there? Because science specially chemistry is beautiful, because we need scientific literacy among non scientific people and because I felt I could do something about it. So my answer was: Because my lack of experience is my best asset, I'll bring fresh ideas to the table for everytime I step into that classroom. My age is an advantage because I'll get my students, and my masters only shows I love chemistry and I'm prepared to show them they can love it too.

Yes I know what you are thinking what amount of change could I do in a little middle school? I know it's only a small start but if this 50 girls I'm teaching become literate in science they'll be 50 more scientifically literate persons in the world. It's a start isn't it?

So that's why I'm here writing this blog, to tell my adventures in teacherland as I show them the world of chemistry. It's a brave new world for me where I'll rant, or question or ask, and I hope someone reads this to know their opinion. My goal is to achieve a balance between the hard scientist I've been and the humanist inside me that decides to focus on education.

Wish me luck,


2 comentarios:

  1. Welcome and good luck! You say that your contribution is small, only teaching to a small classroom, but I disagree. We need dedicated people at all levels of education. You're right - it's important to convince young kids that science isn't "only for super smart people." I'm looking forward to reading your stories!

  2. thank you so much for the kind words. And you are right we need more people to dedicate themselves to teach younger ones.